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Andreas Eats

Enables Andreas to prepare high quality meals and desserts for you. Must provide Andreas with the raw materials necessary. Easy installation, just download the AndreasEats application on your Andreas and plug in any accessories provided to you. Over 500+ recipes to choose from.

Purchase Once for $74.99

Andreas Pets

Gives Andreas the ability to walk, feed, and take care of dogs, cats and various other pets. You can program settings for when you are leaving and when your pet or pets should be fed when you are away. Get this for a $50 installation fee for lifetime use.

Purchase Once for $49.99

Andreas Reads

An unlimited library of the newest book releases and all of the classics right on Andreas’s screen for you to read. Andreas can read them aloud to you with emotion, or he can just display the pages for you to read.

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Andreas Data

Enables Andreas to provide a premium cellular data service to all of your devices. Devices must be within 50 feet of Andreas. Can connect 8 different devices. Works anywhere you travel, will not slow down Andreas’s other functions.

Subscribe for $79.99 a Month

Andreas Tutors

A complete video interface system with how to’s, teaching young minds all subjects, a library of DIYs, and various other functions. With this modules, you can learn over 20+ different languages, music, and many art techniques. Upgrades Andreas’s teaching capabilities for young ones.

Purchase Once for $49.99


Get a library of thousands of songs, podcasts, and radios to listen to when entertaining, relaxing, and in any other type of environment. Sound comes out of Andreas’s premium speakers. Also comes with the function of suggestion new songs you may like.

Purchase Once for $59.99