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LM TSA Overview

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a non-profit student activity that supports education and leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM. TSA members from across United States, Germany, Turkey, and Japan compete in over sixty team and individual events at the middle and high school level.

There are three different stages of TSA competition that the members of Lower Merion TSA attend: Regionals, States, and Nationals. At each competition, members work as a part of a team or as individuals to to solve problems in events ranging from Webmaster and Video Game Design to Chapter Team and Children’s Stories.

The Lower Merion High School TSA chapter (LM-TSA) was established fourteen years ago by Mr. Mark Piotrowski (current assistant advisor), Mr. Steve Barbato, and Mr. Rich Kressly.

Throughout the years, Lower Merion TSA has been recognized as a Nationally Recognized Chapter and many students have been inducted into the TSA Honor Society. In addition, numerous students have earned the Gold Star Award for their continued dedication to TSA. Since Lower Merion joined TSA, students have earned numerous first place finishes at the National Conference in events such as Chapter Team, Webmaster, and SciVis, and placed in the top-ten in many others.

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Another aspect of TSA that is deeply valued at Lower Merion is leadership. The TSA chapter is led by six officers who are selected through an application processed by advisors and senior officers. Once the officers are selected, they meet and decide who the President will be. All of the officers, excluding the president, usually do a variety of work that is outside the scope of their position.

Lower Merion has a tradition of sending its best leaders to serve on the Pennsylvania TSA State Officer Team. Currently, Chapter President Julian Ginzburg serves as State Parliamentarian, where he advises his fellow state officers on matters that relate on Parliamentary Procedure. In Lower Merion TSA’s history, there have been a total of six students who have served as State Officers.

Officer Photos

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Mr. Piotrowski




Mr. McCloskey

Julian, Our Virtuous President

Serving as Lower Merion TSA’s President, Julian oversees the day-to-day duties of the officer team. In addition to his position at Lower Merion, he also serves as the PA-TSA State Parliamentarian. In TSA, he is a strong competitor who always tries to be the best in all of his events. Outside of TSA, Julian can be found leading the environmental club, editing the school newspaper, or swimming for Lower Merion.

Kelsey, Our Resolute Vice President

As a second-year officer, Kelsey currently serves as the chapter Vice President where she often the level-headed voice of reason in the officer team despite her many obligations and extracurriculars. Kelsey excels in events such as chapter team and children’s stories and is instrumental in LM-TSA’s continued success. Outside of TSA, she finds time to row crew throughout the entire school year, become Spanish Club officer, and serve as an opinions editor for the school newspaper.

Andri, Our Courteous Secretary

Currently serving as Lower Merion TSA’s secretary, Andri can be found organizing many of the social and community related events including the famous Tech Club Dance Team. While Andri loves to show his knowledge of parliamentary procedure during the Chapter Team event, his favorite event by far is Engineering Design. Outside of TSA, Andri can be found preparing for the volleyball season and creating a new STEM club at Lower Merion.

Mr. Piotrowski, Our Resourceful Assistant Advisor

Mr. Piotrowski has been the advisor for Lower Merion since its inception fourteen years ago. He is responsible for the many community outreach and service projects that the chapter partakes in. At Lower Merion, Mr. Piotrowski teaches most of the technology-related electives such as Robotics, Foundation of Engineering and Design, and Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) classes.
Contact Mr. Piotrowsky at : piotrom@lmsd.org

Katherine, Our Insightful Treasurer

While only a first-year officer, Katherine has already made meaningful contributions to the officer team. As treasurer, Katherine is in charge of organizing chapter events and fundraisers. Two of Katherine’s favorite events are Fashion Design and Technology and Architectural Design. Outside of TSA, Katherine can be found leading the speech team and practicing for the swimming season.

Madison, Our Adept Reporter

As Reporter, Madison is in charge of creating promotional materials and videos to attract new members to Lower Merion TSA. After the 2017 National Conference, Madison created a documentary recounting Lower Merion’s successes at the conference. While Madison’s favorite event is easily Fashion Design and Technology, she also is highly successful in many of the video-oriented events. Outside of TSA, Madison is highly involved in ballet and Lower Merion’s service club, BuildOn.

Sophie, Our Enthusiastic Sergeant-at-Arms

While Sophie is the youngest officer on the team, she is often instrumental in the successes of Lower Merion TSA. She the one of the most hardworking officers, often assisting other officers when they need assistance. Sophie enjoys competing in events such as Architectural Design, Children's’ Stories, and Biotechnology Design. Outside of TSA, Sophie can be found on the turf practicing for the Ultimate Frisbee season or competing in monthly debate tournaments.

Mr. McCloskey, Our Thoughtful Assistant Advisor

This will be Mr. McCloskey’s fifth year as an advisor for Lower Merion TSA and is always instrumental in making sure the chapter runs smoothly. At Lower Merion, he is a Spanish teacher. In his free time, you can find him playing his guitar in his band, The Song Dogs.

Contact Mr. McCloskey at : mcclosr@lmsd.org

Chapter Activities

Tech Club Dance Team


Elementary Robotics Outreach


Tech Club Dance Team

Every December, students from LM’s four STEM clubs create a dance and perform it at Maroon Madness, LM’s winter sport pep rally. The dance is a great team bonding activity for LM-TSA and students look forward to doing it every year.

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Every March, students from Lower Merion TSA, as well as Dawgma, Lower Merion’s robotics club, come to a local elementary school and help run the FIRST Jr. Lego League Expo. Last year, the expo was attended by over forty students in grades kindergarten to third grade. At last year's expo, students were instructed to research a real life problem to the theme Creature Craze, where teams researched and chose a solution to a crisis concerning the decline in the honeybee population Teams then created a display poster and a robotic Lego Model to show their solution.

The event is coordinated by LM chapter president and junior, Julian Ginzburg, who has been coordinating the expo for the past two years. Students from LM serve as judges and run a robotic demonstration for the elementary schoolers.

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Elementary Robotics Outreach

Every fall and spring, students from LM-TSA travel to one of six elementary schools in the district to host a robotic camp. In the program, students in teams of 3-4 bexiuild VEX Robotics to complete a challenge. LM-TSA students help guide the students. On the last day, the students complete the the designed challenge and all teams are rewarded. The program was designed to encourage children to learn about the design process, gain hands-on engineering experience, and engage them with STEM activities in a fun and rewarding way.

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LM-TSA hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the American Cancer Society and to help lower chapter member’s fees for the state and national conference. LM-TSA helps sell concessions at school events such as the musical concerts. LM-TSA also has car washes and hosts dinners at local restaurants such as a Panera and Chipotle.

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